Run a php function from javascript

21 Aug 2015 Call Php Function From Inside Page Content - posted in Hints & Modifications: I have a Writing the same in js would be a better solution.

14 Mar 2019 How to call a javascript function from PHP, You can execute Javascript through PHP by calling javascript code/function as a string in PHP and  How to create Javascript variables from PHP variables? - DEV 13 Jul 2019 This function requires an PHP array, which contains key/value pairs which are Also, this function automaically creates Javascript variables This will execute the PHP code in it and echo the contents to the current PHP file. run php script on completion of a survey - LimeSurvey forums Yes, you can fire a PHP script with a JavaScript/AJAX call. You can use the jQuery .get() function as shorthand for the AJAX calls. Set up your survey to use  Running PHP in Javascript 🤯 — Francisco Presencia

PHP is used to create HTML, JavaScript and in some cases, CSS code. element to which execute. but i have some confusion in ajax. please tell me about ajax. Reply